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Mosquito nets help to deal with the problem of insects at home. Depending on the installed windows, customers can choose from several variants:


The pleated mosquito net is designed for lift and slide windows (HS). The structure of the mosquito net is almost invisible and does not disturb the appearance of the facade. It combines insect protection with modern design and innovative construction and assembly solutions.
A great advantage is the low-threshold structure of the mosquito net. The movable part of the mosquito net is equipped with a handle for easy opening and magnets holding it in the closed position.

The pleated mosquito net can be single- or double-leaf, sliding to the center or to the sides, depending on the window structure.
The package of the pulled down mosquito net is hidden in the guide rail, so it is practically invisible and does not disturb the harmonious appearance of the facade, and the delicate structure of the product does not limit the visibility in the window light.
The maximum dimensions of a one-element mosquito net are 1900mm x 2600mm, and a two-element mosquito net 3800mm x 2600mm.


A sliding mosquito net is a solution used on terrace and balcony doors as well as in conservatories. Thanks to its subtle, minimalist form, it does not disturb the aesthetics of the facade.

The distinguishing element of the IST sliding mosquito net is a large selection of nets, you can choose the one that best suits. In addition to the basic anti-insect net, we also offer a BetterVue version, which provide almost perfect transparency with optimal protection. While, the pollen net - thanks to its structure and density - will protect the house against most plant pollen. An interesting offer is an aluminum anti-insect net, which works well, where there is a risk of rodents biting the material. It is a perfect solution for houses, especially located in the suburbs and in rural areas.


The frame mosquito net is the perfect security in the windows, independently of the room function, allowing you to enjoy fresh air at any time of the day.

Due to its versatility and simplicity, it is suitable for both houses and bungalows.

After installation, the frame mosquito net is an integral part of the window and does not disturb the aesthetics of the building. The net density with 1mm x 1mm meshes is extremely effective in preventing even small insects from entering the interior. The post-season assembly and disassembly process is extremely simple, allowing you to easily remove the mosquito net and store it until the next spring.

The offer includes two types of mosquito nets on an extruded aluminum profile with an external and internal corner.
Mosquito nets are available in the RAL palette to fully integrate with the building and constitute an aesthetic element.

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